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The IHRBC is a network/platform of like-minded persons across all walks of life coming together with the vision of rejuvenating rivers and society by linking the hearts, mind and action of people with rivers and through rivers, with ecosystems for their nurturing.  The IHRBC was launched on August 31, 2021.


Rejuvenation of rivers and society: Stable ecosystems for equality, peace and security

The process for this includes the following:  

  • Spreading river literacy and engaging society, especially youth
  • Organise river yatras and river pathshalas (schools)
  • Rejuvenation of streams and rivers through community-centered approaches
  • Formation of river families even across political borders
  • Grassroot leadership development
  • Understanding ground realities: Evidence-based action and solutions
  • Research, documentation, communication
  • Engagement with all stakeholders
  • Agro-ecological-cultural approach for agriculture and other livelihoods
  • Engage in activities that rejuvenate river and water resources
  • Policy, Institutional and Legal interventions: Formation of sub-groups as required


  • To evolve an understanding of river basin individually and collectively
  • To heal individual and collective relationships of interdependence with the river and river basin
  • Evolve a grass-root inclusive people to people basin wide grass root networking


  • Spiritual approach and respect for nature, including all life forms
  • Respect, rejuvenation, reduce, recycle and reuse of river waters 
  • Decentralised, community-based  and ecology-driven approaches
  • Cooperation and engagement